WhatsApp is set to Allow Users to Read Status Updates from their Chat List.

According to WhatsApp update tracking website WABeta Info, a new version is currently rolling out that will allow users to check Status updates from their conversation list. This update came at the same time as the messaging app unveiled a flurry of privacy enhancements.

WhatsApp is rolling out this capability to selected beta users, claims WABeta Info. Users can post photographs and videos to status, a feature that resembles a tale, but they vanish after 24 hours. Going to the Status tab to view other users’ status updates will change with time.

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When a contact posts a new status update, it will now appear in the conversation list. To display the status update, users just tap their profile image. Users who do not publish or see status updates and dislike this feature will be able to mute all status updates so they do not appear in the chat list.

According to WABeta Info, since this functionality has been published on WhatsApp beta for Android, it may also be offered to certain beta testers on WhatsApp beta for iOS shortly.

In other news, WhatsApp may be developing a new feature that would allow users to undo previously deleted messages. Meanwhile, the Meta-owned messaging network said that the native WhatsApp client for Windows is no longer in beta and that users would be able to send and receive messages even if their phone is turned off. WhatsApp introduced three new privacy-focused features this week, including the ability to quit a group discreetly, ban screenshots, and control who can view their online status.

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