What the partnership between The NEAR Foundation and Sankore holds for Kenya,

Blockchain is a technology that creates a decentralized network where information shared is transparent and trusted. The technology has gained popularity recently because many different industries, including finance and healthcare, can apply it. In Kenya, blockchain technology is still an emerging technology; however, there are multiple use cases for blockchain. The emergence of this technology could help solve issues in the Kenyan economy and society by creating opportunities for collaboration among government agencies and private sector companies.
The NEAR Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland. They are in charge of contracting protocol maintainers, sponsoring ecosystem development, and overseeing the NEAR protocol’s fundamental governance. The NEAR blockchain’s potential continues to pique people’s interest universally. Unlike other networks, NEAR makes it simple for software developers to create new crypto applications, such as nonfungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance products, and new business models and consumer items.
The NEAR Foundation announced a partnership with Sankore, a Kenya-based blockchain community that works on building a transparent ecosystem while creating innovative solutions for local businesses. The partnership aims to combine expertise in both fields to educate, scout new talents, and create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem in East Africa.

The NEAR Foundation hopes to create an open web world, which according to the C.E.O, Marieke Flament, “is a world where people control their assets, data, and power of governance.” The organization recently partnered with sweatcoin, a London-based company with an app that rewards you for the steps you take while you walk, not in dollars, but in sweatcoin. Marieke Flament says the new Kenyan center point will address an extraordinary chance to band together with neighborhood ability not just for the potential open doors that we know exist today but for the valuable open doors to be made from here on out.

Kevin Imani, the leader of the new Kenyan hub, believes that through their outreach programs, such as NEAR meets, they can reach many young and enthusiastic developers while scouting for new talents. Kevin describes the meetings as being a powerful tool in luring new developers to work on new innovative solutions.
Sankore has recently supported various startups, such as Kilimo Shwari, an on-chain solution to protect Kenyan farmers from agricultural risks caused by poor weather and other disasters. The insurance depends on brilliant policies, gathering information on vulnerabilities and consequently remunerating farmers. They haven’t stopped there. Together with the NEAR Foundation, they have come up with the Pitch Competition Tour. The event looks forward to welcoming more talent. The initial installment took place on 22nd January at iHub Nairobi. Competitors at the occasion graced the stage with inspired blockchain solutions for Kenyan problems, 3 out of 10 splendid projects qualified for funding and incubation. Sankore presents another tech-filled release of PCT in Nairobi to scout for new talents. To find out more, click here.
The partnership will see a rapid increase in the use of blockchain technology to solve problems in Kenya and Africa. Blockchain technology will see rapid transformation in transparency and collaboration among Kenyan companies.

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