Waze the Better Google Maps Alternative

You presumably want a map or navigation system to bring you from point to point as soon as possible while avoiding traffic, law enforcement, and accidents. Waze was acquired by Google back in 2013, but the two have remained mainly independent. Some of Waze’s flagship features are quietly making their way to the firm. 

There are several parallels between the two navigation applications, aside from shared functionality and the same parent firm. While Waze uses crowdsourcing to guide you to your location, Google Maps is all about data. It’s challenging to decide which is ideal, and your choice will rely on your needs and tastes. 

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What is Waze?

Imagine Google Maps with real-time information from the precise route you are currently traveling on. As your eyes and ears on the road, Waze collects information from its user base. The software provides straightforward turn-by-turn directions, as one would assume, but its advantage over rivals is the use of crowd-sourced data.

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Crowd Sourced Data 

Waze is a GPS navigation program centered on a neighborhood that uses crowd-sourced data to notify you about traffic, dangers, road closures, police speed traps, and other things in real-time. When using Google Maps, it will initially locate the quickest route, but after you are on the road, you are on your own. Waze will continuously monitor the state of the roads and instantly update every element of your journey.

Waze will also estimate how long you will be detained in traffic jam congestion if one occurs. You can Message other Wazers, such as the person in front of you in the traffic bottleneck. 

Android and iOS smartphones both support Google Maps and Waze. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both support both applications. Although they cannot access live navigation, versions are also available for desktop browsers.

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