Twitter is Testing the ‘Edit Tweet’ Feature.

Twitter will test and roll out one of its most anticipated features: the ability to modify a tweet after it is live. That is now not an option for consumers and remains a popular feature. Twitter claims the functionality is being tested internally and will be made available to Twitter Blue members in the coming weeks. Twitter Blue is the company’s premium subscription service, which is only available in certain regions. It is currently unavailable in Kenya.

Even on Twitter Blue, the first distribution will be available in a single nation. The function will only grow in scope as the firm learns and observes how users interact with ‘Edit Tweet.’

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Twitter says it is proceeding slowly and cautiously with this functionality to detect and handle possible concerns. It also wants to see how individuals can abuse the tool before it becomes publicly available. Because Twitter is a public forum, the ‘edit’ feature has generated concerns some users may use the feature to conceal prior trolling acts rather than simply the occasional error.

So, how would Edit Tweet function?

Users with access to the ‘Edit Tweet’ tool can change a tweet around 30 minutes after it is live. Twitter appears to permit numerous modifications to a tweet under the 30-minute time restriction.

According to the company, “updated tweets will display with a symbol, timestamp, and label to make it apparent to users that the original tweet has changed.” When users hit the edit label, they are transported to the tweet’s edit history, “which provides earlier versions of the Tweet for context.”

Twitter claims that the ‘Edit Tweet’ function would allow users to correct typos, missing tags, and other errors in their tweets. When it comes to altered tweets, the time restriction and version history play a significant role in adding context. According to Twitter, the history will also “help maintain the integrity of the debate.” According to the business, the goal is to “produce a publicly available record of the tweets.”

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Twitter said it is “deliberately testing Edit Tweet with a limited population,” with the goal of understanding “how users may misuse the tool.” Next month, Twitter Blue users will get early access to the functionality before it rolls out officially.

“We’ll watch how the feature affects people who read and engage tweets.”

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