Twitter Circles: What We Know so Far

Twitter Circle is the microblogging platform’s most recent feature, which will be available to all Twitter users. Twitter Circles, which has been under beta testing for some time, will soon be available to all Twitter users. Here’s all you need to know about Twitter Circle and how to utilize it.

What exactly is the Twitter Circles feature?

If you’re familiar with Instagram, Twitter Circle is quite similar to the ‘Close Friends’ option on the Meta-owned social networking platform. If not, the Twitter Circle function allows you to tweet to a specific group of people rather than your whole audience.

This is great if you want to tweet something funny, personal, or something else that you don’t want the rest of your audience to see. The technology will be especially helpful for persons who have a large number of followers since it will allow them to send tweets to specific members.

Users have the option of inviting up to 150 individuals to their circle. The admins can dismiss individuals, which gives the Circle the ability to change endlessly. Twitter does not notify users when they are removed from a Circle. Users in a Circle, on the other hand, will see a badge under tweets telling them that the tweet has limited exposure. The badge will specify that “only people in (@usernamenetwork” network )’s will be able to view it.”

After you’ve established your Circle, you may tweet some text or media as usual and choose to share it with your whole audience or just your Circle directly from the tweet composer, enabling just the selected members to view that tweet. You’ll also see an Edit option right there, which allows you to add or delete Circle members.

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