Top Seven Trending Technologies in 2022 

As a crucial component of future technology, IT professionals should continually be learning and upgrading their skills to meet the job requirements listed on all major job portals throughout the world. The bulk of employment is associated with current technology. We’ll talk about the ten most recent technologies that are most likely to create jobs and provide hopefuls with profitable opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence

The list of the top 10 most recent computer science technologies for 2022 is headed by the trending technology known as artificial intelligence (AI). Machine intelligence, which is used in AI technology, is just as perceptive and intelligent as the human brain and behaves similarly. An artificial intelligence engineer makes, on average, KSh 20,219,441 a year, according to Paysa.

Additionally, AI technology is present in all aspects of life, including text and web mining, healthcare, finance, entertainment, self-driving cars, cellphones, and houses. These are the explanations for why it continues to hold the top spot on the list of the hottest technologies in 2022.

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Robotic Process Automation

Another well-liked and in-vogue technology that enables us to automate corporate procedures is robotic process automation (RPA). RPA does not need code for development or direct database access. It comprises a collection of commands that are carried out by bots following certain common business guidelines. The average yearly pay for RPA Developers, according to Indeed, ranges from KShs 10,853,724 to KShs 11,595,078 for information audits and validation

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected computing devices, objects, digital machines, living things, and people. All of these entities have unique identifiers (UIDs), which allow them to communicate data across a network without the need for further human interaction. This cutting-edge technology is employed in the production of the following: According to data from Indeed, IoT engineers in Africa make an average monthly pay of KShs 19,475,143 per year. 

5G Technology

Beyond Long-term Evolution (LTE) mobile networks, 5G is the fifth generation of mobile broadband. It is a revolutionary and popular technology that strengthens our network connections. Candidates should have strong technical skills and a solid grasp of cutting-edge technologies including SON, mobile edge computing, network slicing, mesh networks, etc. if they want to become 5G Telecom Engineers. KShs 5,808,254 is the annual compensation range for 5G engineers in Africa.

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Blockchain Technology

A whole new method of recording data online is through the use of blockchain technology. The data stored on Blockchain can take any form, including ownership of something, someone’s identity, a transaction, etc. It is disseminated but not replicated. A Blockchain Developer in the United States makes an average yearly income of about KShs 9,010,936, according to Glassdoor. The foundation for creating apps for messaging, voting, market prediction, and storage platforms is this next and trending technology.

Cognitive Computing Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) ideas like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), reasoning, speech recognition, etc. are integrated with cognitive computing technology to enhance human decision-making. Candidates must fulfill the requirements listed below to become Cognitive Computing Engineers: They must be creative and skilled software developers. According to Glassdoor, Cognitive Computing Engineers in the United States typically earn a yearly income of KShs 10,838,416. ContextualIterative

Augmented Reality

The future of technology is virtual reality. Sounds, lifelike visuals, and other experiences produced by augmented reality transport you to a fantastical realm. In 3D movies, video games, and other forms of entertainment and gaming, augmented reality is utilized to enhance and create an imaginative environment. 

The best and highest paying careers are available to us in the top 7 technologies of 2022. These are the technological advancements of the future, and they have the potential to alter global employment trends.

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