Top Five Initial Exchange Offers (IEO) Crypto Projects of 2022

The success of initial coin offerings (ICOs) has given rise to several additional cutting-edge fundraising strategies. Initial exchange offers (IEOs), one of these methods, give crypto businesses a chance to sell tokens while gaining the reputation of a reputable crypto trading platform.

IEOs may be a great method for initiatives to generate money and add a lot of credibility at the same time. Investors are very interested in this because they are far more willing to fund a business that has some amount of credibility.

In light of this, let’s review the top five IEO crypto projects of the year:

Lucky Block (LBLOCK

The Binance Smart Chain is the host of daily tournaments on the cryptocurrency gaming platform Lucky Block. The Lucky Block ecosystem’s native BEP-20 token, LBLOCK, offers many significant use applications. Speculative investors bought this token earlier in 2022 to get a piece of Lucky Block’s expansion. The token’s price increased by more than 3,000% once PancakeSwap made it live. This not only indicates that LBLOCK v2 may be included in the enormous ecosystem of dApps built on Ethereum, but it also paves the way for centralized exchange (CEX) listings.

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BlaBlaGame (BLA)

A blockchain-based version of the well-known board game “rock, paper, scissors” is called BlaBlaGame. The idea behind this platform is straightforward: players compete in a game of rock, paper, and scissors, with the victor taking home BLA tokens as a prize.

More than 1500 people have already played more than 32,000 games. Additionally, BlaBlaGame offers an integrated referral program that rewards customers who recommend friends with bonuses of up to 14% off their subsequent BLA purchases.

With tokens costing $0.10, BlaBlaGame is now conducting “Round 1” of its initial exchange offering. The token price will rise in subsequent rounds, with major CEXs and DEXs listings anticipated by Q4 2022.

Centurion Invest (CIX)

An “all-in-one” cryptocurrency trading platform, Centurion Invest provides whatever service a potential investor would require. A few of the services offered are the ability to buy cryptocurrencies, programmable ETFs, and even trading options for items like stocks and indexes.

Several yield farming alternatives are also available from Centurion Invest, with the “Whale” tier offering an APR of up to 30% (with a $50,000 initial commitment). The native token of the platform, called CIX, is employed in Centurion Invest’s referral program and as a means of lowering trading costs.

The CIX sale has already generated almost $7 million, giving this enterprise a $31 million market valuation. This IEO is unquestionably one of the most well-liked ones on our list given the token’s beneficial usage cases.

Celer (CELR)

A blockchain interoperability protocol called Celer was created to make it easier to access dApps. dApp developers may design platforms that operate on different chains using Celer’s SDK, making them available to a larger user base.

The native coin of the Celer network, CELR, is staked via the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The Celer ecosystem does, however, support over 130 other tokens, including AAVE, DAI, and AVAX.

Although no specific date has been determined as of yet, Celer is prepared for an IEO this year. But given that the initiative has more than 127,000 Twitter followers, any token launch would likely be well-received.

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Engage2Earn (E2E)

In order to build a robust community, Engage2Earn is described as a “Web3 Community Engagement Tracker” using GameFi components. The opportunity for users to start crypto project campaigns, which are paid for using E2E, is Engage2Earn’s key feature.

By participating in the initiatives featured on the Engage2Earn dashboard, community members may earn E2E. The tasks for these campaigns will be quite specific, and after they are accomplished and approved, the users will receive prizes.

NFTs, which serve as users’ “entrance tickets” to the campaign/task system, is another component of Engage2Earn. Last but not least, Engage2Earn is now in the presale stage of its lifecycle, where investors can buy E2E tokens for just $0.05 apiece – albeit the supply is limited to 15,000,000 E2E for this stage.

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