Top 5 Tools For Small Business

A small business at this point in the technology progress scale has numerous tools. These tools help the entrepreneur reach the intended customer at the correct time. Communication is faster and better than ever. The rise of digital tools should, therefore, not surprise anyone. 

The tools discussed here help you and your business automate a large portion of your work and increase the output in terms of efficiency.

Search Engine Optimization

In this era, the number of businesses without an online presence is diminishing daily. The new trend is the online marketing trend. Entrepreneurs build an online presence through websites or apps to reach their clientele. 

The raw power of Search Engine Optimization is the tool required for such an undertaking. SEO assists your business to rank higher on search engines so that your target customers can find your business faster. 

Through keywords (key phrases that have a high search volume on google), the business gets an idea about the market needs. SEO is a powerful tool and there are many software and plugins to assist you on your journey. They include; Yoast and RankMath.

Cloud Data Storage

The importance of data is not negligible in any business. User data is a gold mine. Why you ask? Well, companies collect data to learn more about their customers. In turn, this data is turned into valuable information that builds a reliable picture of the customers’ needs or preferences. 

Your business requires a large enough storage server to organize and process the data. Google Drive and one drive will help you get started, but for better results and tools for business management, you require cloud storage designated for businesses.

Project Management Tools

“Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.” Joy Gumz

An all-around tool that can manage assets, goals, tasks, and human resources is what every business has been waiting to receive. 

With software such as hive, you can manage everything in one place from anywhere around the globe. These management Softwares offer all the tools required to manage a project and provide room for collaboration among team members.

Analytics tools

Analytics is the computational breakdown of data into patterns to get reliable information. Analytics drive marketing by providing data on customers that provides a picture of the customers’ needs. 

There are many analytics tools, but google is the best because of the sheer number of searches. On average, there are 3.8 million searches per minute on google.

Wholesome communication

Whatsapp and other chat platforms will not do in this case. While they may be effective, communication with team members should be flawless to increase efficiency. Apps such as Slack help in this case by providing accurately designed systems for business environments. 


While the constraints on a small business can be crushing, these tools should help you get started. A small business can use a host of free tools on the internet and create a workable environment.

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