Top 3 Metaverse Coins That Deserve Your Attention

The metaverse is a virtual and immersive world powered by virtual reality and Augmented reality technology. In the metaverse, different 3D worlds are networked and focus on connection. The metaverse lets you interact with digital assets like the use of avatars to explore, buy virtual land, and build virtual projects.  

With the advent of Decentraland (MANA), the Ethereum-based virtual world, the question remains, what is going to be the next unicorn in the metaverse-crypto world.

Here are the top 3 cryptocurrencies in the metaverse that you should keep a close eye on.


Sandbox is a metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to change the dynamics of the gaming market and reward creators based on the value of their content. The native token of Sandbox is known as SAND.

Sandbox has three main components;


This feature allows creators to create 3d objects such as people, cars, and other interactive items.

The Sandbox marketplace

This marketplace allows creators to buy and sell their assets, such as NFTs and other digital assets.

The Sandbox game maker

This feature allows the creators to create 3D games in-world without using code.

Sandbox’s Decentralized Autonomous Organisation encourages unbiased participation and gives the users the full power to decide the future of Sandbox.

According to Wallet Investor, SAND has had a sluggish year, but the upward trend may be more consistent in the future. Currently, SAND trades at $1.28 but is expected to rise to $1.72 in 2022 and up to $6.1 in 2030.


GALA is another Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that runs the GALA games. The main aim of GALA is to return the power of control of the games to the user. Currently, users invest time and money in the games but are not involved in the decisions concerning the games. Gala employs a node voting mechanism to help its users determine the direction of the games.

Wallet investor terms GALA as a worthwhile long-term investment because GALA is currently trading at $0.12, and a minimum of $0.88 is expected by 2025.

GALA has some exciting offers and features that should increase its market value. 

3)Mehracki (MKI)

Dogecoin and Shiba lost more than 25% of their value in the past few weeks. This tumble has made investors worried and now looking for newer crypto-currencies to invest in. Mehracki is based on the Solana blockchain and offers a new approach to crypto. 

The main idea is to introduce moments and activities that promote good mental health and provide fast and cheap transactions in industries categorized as feel good such as hospitality. The system will reward users based on transactions and mint NFTs for the most active members. 

Through its DOAs, MKI will provide its users with a platform where they can decide the future of the project. 

To know more about the projects, visit the links below.

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