Tips on How to Troubleshoot Zoom Crashes

People love using Zoom to host audiovisual meetings—most of the time. Sometimes, however, Zoom can play up. The software can crash or freeze on you unexpectedly, perhaps immediately on launch, when joining a meeting, or at seemingly random times.

 It can be frustrating when Zoom crashes or freezes, especially if you need to join an important call that’s time-sensitive. Luckily, we know some troubleshooting steps to get you sorted. Follow these steps in order, and Zoom’s crashes and freezes will be in the past.

 While Zoom’s software or your operating system may be to blame, there’s a chance that Zoom’s systems are suffering. To quickly check this, go to the Zoom Status page. If you see; Conference Room Connector, Zoom Meetings, and Zoom Video Webinars marked as “degraded performance” or “under maintenance,” then there is a problem. These downtimes could cause Zoom to freeze or crash.

 Zoom often updates its apps to offer new features and bug fixes. It could be that the crashing and freezing are due to a software glitch, or perhaps there’s an issue with your computer. Zoom will probably be aware of this and may have released an update to fix it. 

 If your video freezes or crashes when you use Zoom, try changing the source of your camera and microphone. Open Zoom by clicking the icon in the top-right corner, then click Settings and select Video and Audio. Use the dropdown menus to change the source device.

 Zoom needs drivers to work, just like a car needs gas. It’s worth checking the Zoom website for updates on these drivers. You should also ensure your Windows audio drivers are up-to-date as outdated drivers can lead to compatibility issues and might be why Zoom crashes or freezes.

Zoom may crash or freeze if another program on your system is misbehaving. Before we can get to the bottom of this problem, please close all other applications and background processes you don’t need at the moment. On Windows 7 and 8, Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager. On the Processes tab, Highlight any apps or processes running in the background that you don’t need right now and click End task.

If you’re experiencing freezing or crashing on Zoom, you can try one of the troubleshooting steps above. If it doesn’t resolve your issue, you should contact Zoom’s support team or your system administrator if you’re running Zoom through a business or education license.

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