TikTok’s head of worldwide security will resign

According to a message posted on TikTok’s website, Roland Cloutier, TikTok’s global chief security officer in charge of cyber security, is resigning from his position while continuing to work for the organization.

Florida-based Cloutier stated that his decision to leave the security team at the video-sharing app is based on changes to the security teams at the firm. Tiktok is a subsidiary of China’s ByteDance and is coming under increasing scrutiny from American regulators regarding the use of personal data, as a result of recent changes to the security teams at the company.

In a memo, Cloutier stated, ”  You may have heard that we’re making some changes to our data management in the U.S. Because of this, I’ve decided to transition from my role as Global Chief Security Officer into a strategic advisory role focusing on the business impact of security and trust programs, working directly with (CEO) Shou and other senior leaders.”

Two years ago, TikTok hired Cloutier to assist with both standard cybersecurity challenges and data security issues specific to TikTok because of its Chinese ownership.

The worldwide security team at TikTok has been reorganized, and China-specific security concerns, such as ringfencing the app from ByteDance, have been transferred to more regional teams.

To limit China’s access to data, it recently announced the creation of a special U.S. data security team known as “USDS” as a gatekeeper for U.S. user information. According to Reuters, the business is debating a structure in which the team would function independently and not be under TikTok’s direction or control.

According to a source, TikTok, whose leadership is located in the US and Singapore, is thinking about establishing comparable data security teams in other locations, including the EU.

In 2020, the firm hired Cloutier away from Automated Data Processing Inc (ADP), a payroll processing company.

As temporary head of worldwide security, Kim Albarella, a senior member of TikTok’s security team, will take over. Before this, Albarella spent more than ten years working for ADP.

U.S. senators have been questioning TikTok more frequently lately on the security of user data from Americans, and some want the Federal Trade Commission to look into the matter. TikTok earlier this month informed legislators that it was working with the Biden Administration to develop a final deal that would “completely preserve user data and U.S. national security concerns.”

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