The Standoff Between KRA and Keroche Breweries

The KRA and Keroche Breweries have been involved in this legal dance for more than 2 years now and there is no end in sight. Keroche Brewery is now taking legal action against the Kenya Revenue Authority for contempt of court in connection with the continuing tax issue. The Keroche Brewery in Kenya is suing the Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner-General for contempt of court.

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The motion was denied by Justice Mshila Abigail, who then forwarded the case to Justice Mabeya. To appeal the order, KRA filed a certificate of urgency with the court. The CEO of the brewery, Tabitha Karanja, slammed KRA, claiming that it had personalized the situation and disregarded a court order. “We used loans to create this facility over more than 25 years,” she claimed.

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Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja now says that the Kenya Revenue Authority has refused to open the brewery, despite the High Court directing so. In a statement on Thursday, Karanja called on the Authority to at least respect the rule of law and have the company operational. “We urge the KRA, that if not for the business of Keroche Breweries and if not for the thousands of employees, and even if it is not for the business continuity and economic value that we bring to our nation then but for the rule of law, in compliance and accordance with the court order,” she said.

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The High Court’s judgment ordering the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to reopen Keroche Breweries Ltd. in Naivasha has been appealed by the KRA to overturn the ruling. Justice Alfred Mabeya had already ordered the KRA to open the firm’s shops and packaging plant, reopen the Exercisable Goods Management System, and let the company continue operations. The judge also ordered Keroche to make the first payment of the tax arrears to KRA in the amount of Sh8 million.

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