The NFT Market Place Sudoswap and Uniswap have Announced their Cooperation.

A well-known cryptocurrency exchange named Uniswap has revealed plans to include Sudoswap, a new NFT trading platform that will let users buy and sell NFTs. Amidst a sharp sell-off by investors, growing inflation worries, and a halt to withdrawals by cryptocurrency loan services Celsius and Vauld, the crypto market imploded.

Uniswap’s head of NFT products, Scott Lewis, announced on Twitter that the business will provide NFTs that are fully Sudoswap compatible.

For reference, one of the largest decentralized exchanges is Uniswap (DEX). Users can trade bitcoins on the platform without needing permission. Its liquidity pools include assets valued at $6 billion from Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Celo.

In the meanwhile, Sudoswap is an NFT platform that enables users to build personal NFT liquidity pools by letting them buy and sell NFTs in a decentralized manner without authorization. Notably, Sudoswap costs 0.5% fees and optimizes for gas, which is five times cheaper than OpenSea’s 2.5% fee rate.

In other developments, GameStop has opened its NFT marketplace for the community to use to purchase, sell, and exchange digital goods. The business operates a non-custodial, Ethereum Layer 2-based marketplace that enables users to genuinely own their digital assets, which are represented and safeguarded on the blockchain. The Verge reports that there are over 200 collections available for browsing and that there are more than 53,000 NFTs available for purchase. The company’s NFT platform will make it easier for users to purchase, sell, and exchange NFTs of video game things, such as outfits, accessories, and player avatar traits.

Users may keep their digital assets, such as crypto coins and NFTs, in a crypto wallet. GameStop’s wallet is a non-custodial wallet, which means you own your private keys—the crypto equivalent of a password—and sets it apart from other wallets like MetaMask. Only gamers are the intended audience for this wallet.

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