The New Open Doors App from Truecaller

Open Doors, a new Truecaller software for iOS and Android smartphones, is eerily similar to the audio social app Clubhouse. Both new and seasoned Truecaller users may initiate and participate in audio chats using the app as a platform for communication. Through what Truecaller refers to as the “network effect,” more individuals will be invited to these audio talks.

When a friend of yours joins a chat, their friends are then invited, and so on. Although Truecaller states that the chat data itself is not saved, it should be noted that these discussions will be regulated in real-time.

It’s noteworthy to note that during a chat, just the participants’ names and profile photographs are shown; phone numbers are not displayed. The program just needs two permissions from users: contacts (to help you connect with folks in your address book) and phone, giving users full control over their data (to allow audio conversations).

Other features include the ability to customize who receives notifications when you join a conversation and the ability to respond to what others are saying. Additionally, the app will provide users fine-grained control over how it alerts them to new Open Doors talks.

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store will provide Open Doors at no charge. The seamless app experience across both platforms, according to Truecaller, is another boast.

Users of Truecaller may log in to Open Doors with just a single touch, while brand-new users must connect their phone numbers to the app and confirm them with a missed call or OTP. Currently, the software is accessible in Hindi, English, Spanish, French, and Latin.

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