The Blood Moon: Lunar Eclipse November 8th, 2022

For the next three years the only other complete lunar eclipse will occur on November 8th. The following lunar eclipse occurs in March 2025. However, during that period, we will continue to observe partial lunar eclipses. Here is all the information you want on the lunar eclipse and how to see it.

The November 8 complete lunar eclipse will be the last for the next three years. The next lunar eclipse will take place in March 2025. However, partial lunar eclipses will continue to occur during that period. Unfortunately, this moon eclipse will not be visible in Kenya. Everything you need to know about the lunar eclipse and how to view it is right here.

According to the time and date website, the eclipse will begin at 12.09 PM EAT on November 8, with the complete eclipse beginning at 1.16 PM EAT. The total phase of the eclipse, when the Moon is completely in the Earth’s shadow, will conclude at 2:42 pm EAT, while the partial phase will end at 3:49 pm EAT.

According to the time and date website, the blood moon will not be visible in Kenya. However, do not let that stop you from catching the spectacle of the blood moon. We have a few links for you to live stream. Any of the live streams below will allow you to view the solar eclipse. The Virtual Telescope Project, led by astronomer Gianluca Masi, will provide views of the eclipse from around the world. The webcast will begin at 12:30 pm EAT and you can catch the event on the stream below.

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