Shazam Is Now 20. Learn How to Recognize Music Using Shazam on iPhone

Analysts and industry experts were shocked when Apple revealed in 2017 that it would buy Shazam, a popular song-identification software. Shazam already had over a billion app downloads and 120 million active users, but thanks to its devoted user base and regular income, Apple was able to purchase the music-recognition service for an estimated $400 million. Shazam has been directly included in iOS years after the company first purchased the service. You don’t need to download the software individually for your iPhone, that’s correct. Shazam turned 20 recently, so we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the service and show you how the iPhone’s built-in music recognition capability allows you to immediately identify a song.


Shazam, which was established in 1999, brought music recognition to the platform for the first time. Launch Shazam when you hear a song playing in the background, and it will immediately identify it for you. Shazam’s basic premise is that users should be able to identify songs and subsequently play or download them from iTunes, Spotify, or Apple Music.

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Even after being purchased by Apple, Shazam is still accessible on both iOS and Android devices. And don’t worry if your iPhone doesn’t have the Shazam app. With iOS 14.2, released in 2020, Apple unveiled Music Recognition as a built-in iOS capability. This feature’s ability to monitor tracks detected by the Music Recognition capability across devices with the same Apple ID is something we enjoy. Additionally, you may construct a playlist of Shazam-identified songs that have been collected over time from multiple Apple devices by syncing your Shazam and Apple Music apps.

How to use your iPhone’s music recognition feature 

Make sure your iPhone is first running the most recent iOS version. Go to Settings > General > Software update to accomplish that. You need iOS 14.2 or a newer version.

#Upgrade iOS on the iPhone to the most recent version.

#Go to Settings, Control Center, then press the Add button next to Music Recognition on your iPhone to add a Shazam shortcut. Navigate to More Controls by swiping down, then choose the + sign next to Music Recognition. Now, you can use the Control Center on your iPhone to activate the Shazam feature.

Time to get the music

If you have a more recent iPhone with FaceID, all you have to do to access the Control Center is swipe down from the top-right corner of the device and hit the Shazam symbol. Simply slide down from the top of the screen on previous iPhone models to open the menu and locate the symbol.

The iOS Music Recognition tool now recognizes songs you hear on the radio by tapping the Shazam symbol. At the top of your screen, a banner displaying the song’s title, the performer, and a thumbnail of the album will appear. All done.

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