Play Wordle on the NewYork Times App

Recall Wordle? The five-letter word guessing game that for months had everyone focusing on green and yellow squares? You might have thought the straightforward puzzle game would ultimately lose popularity like other internet fads, especially when The New York Times bought it. Even while the craze has partly subsided, Wordle is still enjoyed by many people all across the world, and NYT has just made it somewhat simpler to access the daily game.

If you wish to use Wordle on the New York Times Crossword app, you must pay a membership fee. Those who wish to play the game for free can do so on the New York Times website, which can be accessed via any mobile, desktop, or laptop browser.

The newspaper purchased Wordle in January 2022, when it also guaranteed gamers that the game would remain free. Users may be concerned about the addition of Wordle to the Crossword app, which was previously a subscription-based platform, but the game remains free on the site for the time being.

In May, the New York Times said that the game had drawn “unprecedented tens of millions of new users to The Times,” resulting in the company’s best-ever quarter for new subscription additions to its games. The game is now free, although it does include subtle advertisements for its other games, such as Spelling Bee.

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