Netflix to Rollout AD-Supported Version as Early as November

According to CNET, the firm claimed in a statement that it is “still in the early stages of considering how to offer a lower cost, ad-supported tier,” and that “no decisions have been made.”

Netflix previously announced that its new ad-supported plans might be live before the end of the year, and the new rollout timeframe, while not formally confirmed by Netflix yet, appears to be on track. Bloomberg reports that the plans will be expanded to include other nations in 2023.

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Netflix will also be looking forward to unveiling its new plans ahead of competitor Disney Plus, which is slated to unveil its ad-supported plans on December 8, 2022. The rumored November 1 date could give Netflix a month-long lead in luring new users with more cheap options.

In April of this year, Netflix revealed its first subscriber decrease in a decade. Reed Hastings, co-CEO of Netflix, then disclosed that the business was investigating more cheap, ad-supported options. This was a significant shift for the streaming service, which had previously been ad-free.

Aside from the new low-cost options, Netflix intends to start charging customers for password sharing. Password-sharing allows a Netflix user to share his or her ID with a group of other users, who may then pool their resources for the entire plan. While this is an inexpensive way for many people to access Netflix legally, the act has been affecting the service’s user base for years.

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