Microsoft to Increase ADs on Mobile Apps

Apple intimated last week that it might begin putting adverts in first-party apps such as Books and Podcasts. Now, Microsoft’s popular email program Outlook appears to be following suit.

In case you didn’t know, the Outlook mobile app organizes the inbox in two ways. When you select the ‘Focused’ tab, the app will only display critical emails. Users must navigate to the ‘Other’ page to view all emails. Previously, Microsoft had placed advertisements in the ‘Other’ category for free users. However, according to a new story by The Verge, Microsoft is also putting adverts on the ‘Focused’ page.

The advertisements show at the top of the inbox and appear to be authentic emails, with a little label on the right side indicating they are advertisements. Similar to how Instagram works, clicking on the email-like ad opens a link in the in-app browser to view the content.

At the moment, the only option to eliminate advertisements from the Microsoft Outlook mobile app is to purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription. The personal membership, which enables only one person to access the service, costs Rs 4,899 per year in India, while the family subscription, which allows up to six users, costs Rs 6,199 per year.

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