LastPass Hacked

A hacker recently acquired source code and confidential information after infiltrating LastPass’s networks, a password manager used by more than 33 million individuals worldwide.

According to a blog post on Thursday, the organization doesn’t think any passwords were part of the breach, and customers shouldn’t need to take any action to safeguard their accounts.

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The software that staff members use to create and maintain LastPass’s product was found to have been compromised by an “unauthorized entity” after an inquiry. According to the firm, one hacked developer’s account allowed criminals to acquire access.

Attackers targeted a business that automatically creates and maintains complex passwords for a variety of user accounts, including Netflix and Gmail so that customers don’t have to manually enter their login information. On its website, LastPass claims to have as clients Patagonia, Yelp Inc., and State Farm.

According to information published by the cybersecurity website Bleeping Computer, LastPass was questioned about the hack two weeks ago.

An analyst for the Computer Security Incident Response Team at the cybersecurity firm Recorded Future, Allan Liska, expressed his admiration for LastPass’s “speedy notice.”

It can take time for incident response teams to completely analyze and report on a problem, he said, adding that although two weeks may seem like a long time to some people. The exact degree of any damage that may have resulted from the breach cannot be determined at this time. However, it doesn’t seem to be having an effect on clients right now.

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