Kenya’s Airtel Buys Additional 60 MHz Spectrum to Boost 4G Coverage

The Communications Authority of Kenya has sold Airtel Kenya 60 MHz of extra spectrum in the 2600 MHz band. The license is going to be good for 15 years starting this month (July 2022). The increased bandwidth will improve the carrier’s 4G coverage for mobile and fixed wireless home internet.

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The new spectrum will be used by Airtel Kenya to assist the growth of its 4G network capacity throughout the nation. The newly purchased spectrum license will go into effect in July 2022 and be good for 15 years. Airtel Africa joined the Joint Alliance for CSR (JAC) in April, a business organization that encourages sustainability via supplier chains. In related developments, Airtel Africa recently acquired more spectrum in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for about US$42 million.

Since then, Safaricom has introduced 5G services, although in a test mode. The major telecom may deploy the service in its whole before the year is up or perhaps in 2023. The extent of Airtel’s 4G coverage across the nation is unknown. This information is typically provided during investor conferences by companies like the aforementioned Safaricom. For instance, its 4G coverage is now at 97% and is anticipated to reach 100% shortly.

Kenyans looking for a bargain love Airtel. Along with Telkom Kenya, it offers some of the cheapest mobile data offerings.

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Airtel Kenya announced Mr. Prasanta Das Sarma’s departure from the firm at the beginning of this month. Mr. Ashish Malhotra took up his responsibilities.

After beginning his employment with Airtel Kenya in 2017, Mr. Prasanta Das Sarma has since joined Airtel Africa as co-CEO for Fibre Services.

The telecom has named Mr. Louis Onyango Otieno as its new chairman of the board.

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