Jack Dorsey Regrets Twitter becoming a Business

Jack Dorsey, the creator and former CEO of Twitter, posted on Twitter on Thursday that he regretted the social media network turning into a business.

In answer to a query about whether Twitter turned out as he had hoped, Dorsey wrote, “The greatest difficulty and my biggest regret are that it became a corporation.”

If the deal to sell Twitter to billionaire Elon Musk is successful, Dorsey will get $978 million.

When asked what organizational structure he preferred for Twitter, Dorsey said that it ought to be “a protocol” and that Twitter shouldn’t be controlled by either the government or another business.

If Twitter were a protocol, it would work similarly to email, which is controlled by many different entities and does not have a single point of control.

Twitter is rife with disagreements.

The corporation has launched a lawsuit in an attempt to prevent Musk from abandoning his $44 billion bid for Twitter. An ex-executive who became a whistleblower says that Twitter deceived federal authorities about its security measures to combat hackers and spam accounts.

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