iPhone 14’s Satellite Connectivity

The ability to employ satellite communication to enable customers to send a message when they are in an emergency and cannot locate any cellular service is one of the unique features of the new Apple iPhone 14 series. The function, which is available on all models of the iPhone 14 series, both Pro and Non-Pro, may come in handy in dire circumstances, especially if you enjoy taking risks. All the information you want about it, including how it functions and how users may benefit from it, is provided here.

How the function operates

The iPhone 14 will attempt to connect you through satellite connectivity if your phone or text emergency services are unable to interact because of poor cellular reception. While the line-of-site connection with satellites hanging above the Earth’s surface is slower than other methods of communication, satellite connectivity is useful when you’re outside the range of a conventional cellular tower, which is often what keeps our phones linked.

Users can choose to send an “Emergency Text via Satellite” when their phone finds cellular coverage. Users will also notice a new UI when the function activates, which will direct them to get the greatest satellite connectivity from their location.

According to Apple, using a satellite connection has a different experience than using a cellular connection to send or receive messages. A message may take 15 seconds to send in ideal circumstances with a clear view of the sky and horizon, and more than a minute to send under trees with light to medium vegetation.

You might be unable to connect to a satellite if you are in close proximity to other barriers or are beneath a lot of greenery. The company continues, “Your surroundings, the length of your message, and the condition and availability of the satellite network can all affect connection delays.

What about privacy?

According to Apple, all signals transmitted to emergency services via satellite are encrypted and are then decoded by Apple before being forwarded to the appropriate emergency agencies. However, the actual communications “may be preserved by emergency assistance centers and the relay provider to improve their services and in conformity with applicable regulations.”

Who can use the function?

Only the iPhone 14 series phones support satellite connectivity, which will first be made accessible to consumers in the US and Canada with the iOS 16 upgrade somewhere around November 2022. If you purchased an iPhone 14 series device outside of the US, you may still use the functionality in the US. The functionality won’t be available on iPhone 14-series devices purchased in Hong Kong, Macao, or the Chinese mainland.

Additionally, Apple noted on its website that areas with latitudes exceeding 62 degrees, such as northern Canada and Alaska, may not be able to use the function.

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