How to Extend the Life of Your Phone

In all honesty, something about the price of phones makes them very unattractive. However, you can not do without one in today’s world. Extend the life of your phone or buy a new one? That is the question.

The new iPhone costs between Kshs100,000 and KShs150,000, while a Samsung flagship will set you back at least KShs100,000. The current financial status warrants better financial decisions, buying a new phone when you do not need one should be the last thing on your list.

You do not need to be the next Zuckerberg to use the tips on this list. These tips and straightforward and do not require an adverse degree in computer science to put into practice. You are already halfway there if you commit to changing your habits and being consistent.

Here are the top ways to keep your phone in mint condition.

Keep your phone up to date

Mobile phone updates are not all about the apps. Your security is the primary reason for updates. Regular updates keep your apps running well while security patches assist your phone provider and your phone in keeping you safe. All operating systems like Android and iPhone offer automatic updates. Remember to activate the automatic updates on your device.

Manufacturers send regular updates to keep up with the latest security patches that protect you and your online activity. Ignoring an update can be catastrophic when hackers or malware attack your device.

Create space on your device

With today’s generation of smartphones, we get insane amounts of storage. However, mobile apps are also getting larger in size every day. Failure to declutter apps slows down the performance of your device significantly and makes it feel older than it is in reality.  

Deleting apps that you do not use and cache of other apps often will help you create enough space for your device to function correctly. Failure to declutter apps makes your phone feel older than it should. 

Avoid overworking your battery

Most users often forget that the battery requires as much care as the screen.

According to Earthweb, there are over 2.2 billion active gamers worldwide. Roughly 90% of these gamers play on mobile devices, according to Newzoo. Playing your mobile games too often while charging could damage your device. 

Other harmful practices include; Letting the battery drain to zero and exposing your phone to direct sunlight.

While you are at it, if the battery no longer works correctly, replace it with an authentic spare from the manufacturers. Avoid using 3rd party manufacturer spare parts. These less costly spares cost you more in the long run.

Get a good case

Simple but not done enough. Dropping your phone is an inevitable occurrence. It is bound to happen either to your liking or not.

A simple phone case can save you a lot of money from impact damage and other freak occurrences such as water damage to the battery.

Keep your charging ports clean

People often complain about charging problems all the time. Either device is charging or not. This problem is almost always caused by dust inside your charging ports, by performing regular dust-offs, you can prolong your phone’s life by a mile. 

Use any of these two methods to clean your port.

Turn off your phone, get some cotton and wrap it at the end of a toothpick. This is an effective swab that you can wipe the charging port. Be gentle and extremely careful on this one.

If you have a small compressed air gun, you can use it to blow compressed air into the port. Keep the exposure time minimal to avoid damaging the circuitry.

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