How Bumble 30-second Audio Prompts Work

With the use of a voice recording, users of the dating app Bumble can now reveal a little bit more about themselves to other users. Users may upload an audio message up to 30 seconds long to the feature called Audio Prompts, which will allow potential matches to learn a little more about them.

The functionality is already available on Hinge, a competing dating app. Bumble continues by saying that the function may be utilized for a variety of things, like disclosing personal information, singing prowess, name pronunciation, and sharing amusing anecdotes.

How to update your Bumble profile to include audio prompts

Go to “Edit Profile” and choose “Profile Prompts” to add audio prompts. Choose an audio cue to add your comment. Hold down the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen to begin recording.

When you’re done, you may listen to your recording and decide whether to keep it or start over. To add your audio prompt to your profile, click “Save.”

Add videos to your profile

Users may now upload videos to their profiles on Bumble, in addition, to still images for a more individualized experience.

Users may now add videos as a new option in the picture uploader by going to “Edit Profile” They can edit and choose any part of a video up to 30 seconds long from the uploader. Users can choose a specific frame from a video after choosing a video to use as their profile’s cover picture. Videos having the ability to mute or unmute audio can be used as primary or secondary profile photos.

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