What Is WI-FI 7 

Here is a Sample of What to expect from WI-FI 7

New WI-FI standards are always in the works, each promising faster connections, lower latency, and greater scalability than before.
Despite the release of Wi-Fi 6, its successor is already in the works. Wi-Fi 7 will be faster than ever before and will offer improvements in the quality of service.
Do not wait for WI-FI 7 to upgrade your wifi, this tech will not be available for a year or more. If you need to upgrade your network immediately, get advice on how to buy a router before checking out our picks of the best WI-FI routers and the best mesh WI-FI systems.
The 7th generation of WI-FI promises to be faster than its predecessors, offering speeds up to four times faster while also reducing latency, increasing capacity, and boosting stability and efficiency.
WI-FI 7 is the newest version of WI-FI, comes after WI-FI 6 and WI-FI 5. Like its predecessors, WI-FI 7 will be backward compatible with previous standards— but to take advantage of its new features and improved performance, you’ll need to upgrade your devices.
WI-FI 7 will be able to handle simultaneous video and better cloud gaming and serve AR and VR applications that require high throughput and low latency. It will also tackle congestion and interference, bringing tangible benefits to areas with densely packed devices or neighbor networks that overlap with each other. This is most significant for the enterprise and larger venues.
While the first WI-FI 7 devices may not be available for more than a year, we are beginning to see what the new standard will look like.
Qualcomm has announced its new WI-FI 7 chipset, which can deliver up to 33 Gbps of quad-band connectivity over 16 streams. Broadcom and MediaTek are also developing their own WI-FI 7 technologies. The WI-FI Alliance will finalize the standard and designate it as official in the coming months.
Even when WI-FI 7 arrives, it will be a while before it sweeps away WI-FI 6. Both technologies are likely to coexist as complementary alternatives for years to come.

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