Grand Theft Auto VI will have a Female Playable Character

Grand Theft Auto creator Rockstar is remaking itself as a more compassionate organization following a public incident four years ago. Employees aren’t sure, though, if it can still make the kind of critically acclaimed games for which the company has become renowned.

Although many staff members claim that morale is stronger than ever at the firm, the production of Grand Theft Auto VI has been slower than eager fans and even longstanding workers have anticipated. All indicators point to Grand Theft Auto VI feeling substantially different from its predecessor due to the company’s new direction and the 2019 retirement of Dan Houser, who oversaw creative development for several past games.

Here’s what we do know.

There will be a female playable character

People with knowledge of the situation claim that the game will be the first to have a playable female protagonist. She will be one of a pair of Latina protagonists in a tale that takes inspiration from Bonnie and Clyde’s bank robbery antics. According to the sources, unlike in earlier Grand Theft Auto games, developers are taking care not to “punch down” by making jokes about disenfranchised groups.

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Two years should pass before the game is released

Analysts in the industry predict that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto will release during Take-2024 Two’s fiscal year, which spans from April 2023 to March 2024, but developers are dubious. Since 2014, the game has been under development. Despite the vague plans in place, many contacted for this article stated that they were unaware of any official release dates and anticipated the game’s release to be at least two years away. Several designers left Rockstar’s Edinburgh headquarters earlier this year after complaining to coworkers about the lack of advancement.

Set in Miami, the Map will be Updated to Feature More

A fictitious representation of Miami and its surroundings is the main emphasis of the game’s new level. Rockstar’s leadership expects that by regularly adding new missions and locations to the game as it ages, there would be less of a crunch in the months before the game’s end. With more internal locales than in previous Grand Theft Auto games, the game’s universe is still rather big and has an impact on the chronology.

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