Google to Revert the Play Store’s app permissions list.

The tech behemoth Google has announced that it is restoring the Play Store’s app permissions list after first eliminating them in favor of Data Safety labels.

But according to TechCrunch, the tech behemoth did not say when the Play Store’s permissions section will return. “Privacy and openness are fundamental principles in the Android community. “We decided to bring back the Google Play app permissions area after hearing from you that you found it useful. Soon, the app permissions area will revert,” the Android Developers tweeted.

Google stated, “The Data safety section gives consumers a simple understanding of how an app gathers, disseminates, and secures user data. However, we also want to make app permissions information accessible for users to understand an app’s ability to access restricted data and activities.

Google ultimately made the labels accessible on the Play Store in April after revealing them last year. On the other hand, Apple released its data privacy labels in 2020 that describe the data that applications may compile regarding users. 

Bloggers and academics have noted that while Google put out the Data Safety label across applications over the last several months, it removed the permissions box, which enabled users to check what kind of data access an app had.

Google acknowledged removing the permissions section from the Play Store on July 13 earlier in the month, but it did not specify why. The tech giant did not go into details of why it was first withdrawn, just stating that it is being returned in response to criticism from the Android community.

Although it’s not just displayed on the install page in Google’s app store, users can still view each program’s permissions in the applications menu on their phone. However, the new modification will enable them to view program permissions and data safety labels directly from the Play Store.

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