Google Maps Versus Waze

Hello, today we will review google maps versus Waze, I still hold that Google Maps is better, but you can now decide for yourself. If you don’t know about Waze, click here to get a small rundown of Waze.

Google Maps Versus Waze: Navigation

Both Google Maps and Waze will, at their core, get you where you need to go. Despite the fact that they are both run by Google, they are very different. You may even choose an alternative route if Google Maps warns you about traffic or impediments along the way. Waze, meanwhile, is designed solely for users of automobiles and motorcycles. Depending on how bad the traffic becomes, Google could suggest if you’d want to take a different route, but it is not overly pushy about it.

Waze provides directions that automatically get you past newly appeared obstructions and doesn’t request permission to change your route mid-trip. All in the sake of getting you someplace as quickly as possible. Users frequently discover that while the software tries to bring them where they need to go, it sends them to some unexpected locations.

Since Waze’s technology depends on other users being active, it cannot provide accurate information if you are the sole user. With the help of Google Maps offline maps function, you may choose a region of the map and download all of its relevant data. 

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Google Maps Versus Waze: Public Transport

Waze has little to offer if you’re on public transportation. On the other hand, Google Maps is brimming up with data on public transport. It has schedules and maps for public transportation systems all around the world and can seamlessly incorporate them into its directions. Additionally, it provides real-time notifications on any delays and other problems you could encounter while traveling, allowing you to at least be prepared for concerns. 

Google Maps Versus Waze: Advertising

Google Maps often uses a discreet approach to advertising. The company has made changes to make it easy to distinguish advertisements on the map. Waze and Google Maps both include advertising, but they control the type of sponsored material users view. Use of a square symbol rather than a round one for a place that has paid to be there is an excellent example.

Every moment you stop moving, Waze might show annoying banner adverts in your face. You don’t need to worry about ignoring the adverts constantly because they disappear as you start moving again. However, they are still rather obvious and huge, especially on smaller screens. Waze needs to tone it down a little.

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Google Maps Versus Waze: Data 

The foundation of Waze’s whole business is user-provided information. A large portion of it is automatically gathered merely by the act of driving around while using the app. Although its method is based on a wider set of data, Google Maps can also see a picture of the state of the roads. Waze gathers real-time data from traffic sensors and Google Maps users in addition to historical data to predict the weather at any given moment of the day.

Waze and Google Maps use their data in very different ways. While Waze will actively reroute your route depending on the data it gets, Google Maps currently does not provide this function. If you pay attention to what Google Maps has displayed on the screen, you can keep track of impending road conditions.

Waze and Google Maps use their data in very different ways. While Waze will actively reroute your route depending on the data it gets, Google Maps currently does not provide this function. However, with Google Maps, you can monitor anticipated road conditions, but it’s up to you to choose those detours if they become available.

Google Maps Versus Waze: Handsfree 

The hands-free controls on Google Maps and Waze work in the same manner. You may ask Google Assistant or Waze for directions to your house. This is simple if you use an Android device because Google Assistant is pre-installed. For Siri to function on iPhones, several additional actions must be taken.

Handsfree or voice commands may be used to find new areas, change your current course, check what lies ahead, how the traffic is, and other things. If you have the Google Assistant app loaded on iOS, you can also use voice commands there. Regarding commands, there doesn’t seem to be any distinction between the two programs. You may also use voice commands to report traffic jams, road hazards, and other problems you encounter while traveling.

The Verdict

The more complete navigation tool is Google Maps. Waze, in contrast, has extremely few features and only provides navigation for drivers. What Google stands to gain by maintaining both services is unclear. But it is the reality. And yet, despite how long it has been a member of the Google family, it can provide a service that Google Maps cannot equal.

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