Google Duo-Meet Merger: What the Merger has to Offer

Google began handing out the Duo-Meet merger upgrade to a small number of Android customers last month. This is also true in some areas. 9to5 Google has now stated that the update has gathered momentum and is reaching many people – across several geographies on Android and iOS operating systems.

According to the source, handsets running Google Duo version 170 now have a new “Duo is improving” card at the top of the home screen. We confirmed this in our workplace, and it looks correct.

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What has changed after the merger 

Google Duo mainly keeps the same user interface. Certain things, though, have altered. While the Homescreen remains the same, pressing the ‘New’ button in the bottom right corner now contains Google Meet alternatives as well. These include ‘Create a new meeting,’ ‘Schedule in Google Calendar,’ and ‘Create group’ at the top, as well as the whole contact list of everyone available on Google Duo. This is precisely how it used to be on the platform.

What GMeet features are Found in Duo

Duo now has several Google Meet functionality in addition to the ability to create, schedule, and join meet calls. According to the Google Duo support website, Google Duo has the following GMeet features and capabilities. Here’s the rundown:

  • In-meeting chat  Live video call with live closed captioning
  • Visual effects and virtual backgrounds
  • Noise suppression improves video and audio experiences.
  • Set up a meeting or immediate meetings so that individuals can join when they are ready.
  • Larger video gatherings of up to 100 people.

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What Remains the Same on Duo

In practice, all of the Duo capabilities are still present. Users may still make one-on-one video calls and send messages, notes, and audio calls to their Duo contacts. This includes pre-recorded video messages, voice notes, and so on.

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