Google chrome to get virtual credit cards

With the advent of digital wallet systems like Google pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, it is more likely that physical credit cards may soon be a thing of the past. In fact, according to Engadget, Chrome is expected to receive a built-in payment system that will simplify online purchases using credit card information stored on their key cards. Google announced on Tuesday that it aims to build a system that allows users to make purchases on the web through their Chrome browser without having to use a third-party service like PayPal. Google aims to make online shopping even more convenient with the new payment option.
Google is implementing a feature called Virtual Card Numbers to Chrome’s autofill system that will allow you to disguise your credit or debit card number while making online purchases. Google claims that the capability will make it easier to make secure purchases on websites that don’t accept Google or Apple Pay.
It’s similar to using Chrome Autofill to enter your credit card information but with an added layer of protection. If you provide a merchant with your credit card number and the merchant misuses it, you’ll have to call your bank to get the charges reversed and your card canceled, which is inconvenient. That will not occur if you use Google’s virtual cards. According to Bill Ready, Google’s VP of commerce and payments, in an interview with The Verge. Each virtual card can only be used for one transaction at a time, and does not support recurring transactions such as subscriptions.
According to Bill Ready, there is also a convenience aspect to virtual card numbers: adding support for Google Pay or other third-party solutions can be time-consuming for a vendor, but Google’s Virtual Card Numbers will work on any site that accepts credit cards. He further claims that if you use a virtual card, Google will “not charge anything,” meaning that suppliers will not have to give up a portion of their revenues, and buyers will not have to hand over their credit card information.
This step isn’t necessarily Google competing with services like, which allows you to create and use virtual cards all across the internet. Ready said that the new Google Wallet app will not provide an interface for managing virtual cards or anything similar (though the system can protect the cards you store there). ‘These virtual cards will work on a transaction-by-transaction basis.’ he added. While this limits the system’s flexibility, it does not prompt worry: Simply click the prompt to use a virtual card number and go.
To begin, Ready said you’ll have the ability to hide Capital One cards using Chrome’s Virtual Card Numbers. Visa, American Express, and Mastercard will also be the services supported by Google.

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