Gmail: The Top 2 Simple Hacks to Declutter your Messy Gmail Inbox Today

Decluttering your Gmail inbox has never been easier.

Nobody enjoys having a packed email, but you are not to blame. We receive an uncontrollable amount of emails daily, not to mention a deluge of spam, promotional emails, and newsletters. It won’t be sufficient to unsubscribe from spam emails or delete them. Thank the Universe, Gmail filters let you organize your inbox and make your life easier. To help you keep your inbox a bit more organized, we’ll cover all you need to know about creating Gmail filters.

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What are filters in Gmail?

In essence, Gmail filters are automation rules that manage incoming email messages. These rules organize your inbox and automate the process of sifting through emails. You may configure a filter in Gmail and make it automatically archive or remove any messages from a specific sender. For instance, if you often get mail from that sender that seems to be spam.

Creating a Gmail Filter

In Gmail, there are several ways to create an email filter. The most straightforward method is to create an email filter using the search field.

1. Open your Gmail account and log in.

2.) In the search bar at the top of the page, select the “Show Search Options” option.

3.) Start your search by typing the term or phrase you wish to use.

4. Pick the actions you want the filter to do.

5. Click Create filter. The filter’s functionality is now selectable. Re-click “Create Filter” to finish.

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The other method involves opening the settings menu in Gmail and adding a new filter. Select “Settings” by clicking the gear symbol in the top-right corner of your window. After that, click the “Create a new filter” option under the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” tab.

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