Forbes: Samsung Ranked as Best Employer in the World 3rd Time in a Row

Forbes named Samsung “The World’s Best Employer” for the third consecutive year. According to a Forbes-Statista poll, which included interviews with more than 150,000 workers from 800 firms in the US, the UK, Germany, and other nations, the ranking is based on these results.

Participants in the survey were rated on how likely they were to refer their employers to friends and family. Additionally, they were asked to rank the businesses based on their economic effect, public perception, commitment to equality for women and men, and talent development. Among those with the highest work satisfaction were Samsung employees.

The survey’s validity is greatly enhanced by the fact that firms are not allowed to participate in the research procedure. They are unable to gather survey respondents, and respondents’ confidentiality is ensured.

As of early 2021, “The Great Resignation,” or the current global phenomenon in which individuals voluntarily leave their professions, is still going strong, according to Forbes. Employees desire promotion possibilities, work-life balance, and work that is purpose-driven more than ever before. They also value greater compensation and better benefits.

Samsung Group, which employs 266,673 employees, came out on top in this environment and was voted The World’s Best Employer. The business was rated above several major companies, including Microsoft, IBM, Alphabet (the parent company of Google), Apple, Delta Air Lines, Costco Wholesale, Adobe, Southwest Airlines, and Dell Technologies. Samsung was listed as one of the “Best Employers for New Graduates” in the report.

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