Five Essential Google Maps Settings You Probably Don’t Know About

Since Google integrated Google Maps into its offerings a decade ago, it has exploded in popularity. Most of us use maps daily, whether on mobile or desktop. It is easy to see why: Google Maps puts at your fingertips directions from wherever you are to wherever you want to be, and the world is sorted into searchable categories and organized by country. There are also dozens of settings you can engage, running the gamut from tweaking user settings and saving favorites to marking places. The best part is that many of these features are gems that you might never find otherwise — so let us take a look.

Search Restaurants According to your Diet

Yes, as part of its health ecosystem, google offers tons of apps to keep you fit and track your health. Google Maps can show you the restaurants that have food based on your dietary requirements.

To select your preferences for diet and lifestyle, simply tap the icon in the upper right corner of your app, choose Settings and then Manage your preferences. Then tap Update preferences to confirm your selections.

Check Prices of your Favorite Spots

With google maps, there is a lot of information on businesses. You can get the price information of any place you wish to visit. Pricing is based on reviews from other customers who give feedback after their visits. Through crowdsourcing, google creates a vivid picture for the customer who intends to visit the establishment.

Share and Sync Directions 

Google has advanced its integration features, you can sync directions you are following across multiple devices. When you are signed in to your account on a desktop, Google has made it easy to sync your navigation direction to iPhone and android phone, just tap on the send to phone button. 

 When you are on your way to meet friends or family and use Google Maps to get there, tap on the navigation instructions at the bottom and then Share your trip progress. Once you do, anyone you share your location with will be able to see when you’re going to arrive so they can be there waiting for you. Your location will only be shared until the trip is completed, so you don’t have to worry about anyone keeping tabs on your location for the rest of the day.

Google Maps Eco-efficient Routes

Google Maps allows users to get an extra option for fuel-efficient routes. With the complex navigation systems of google maps, the app can give you an option for a faster route.

To make use of the feature, search for your destination and click on directions. Locate the green leaf that says eco-friendly option and tap on it. Google maps will give you new navigation data.

Offline Maps

Network coverage can be a challenge in some areas, that is why Google added the option of offline maps.

You will want to get as much mileage out of your maps as possible, so be sure to enable the Auto-download recommended maps feature. This feature will download new maps based on your current location and previous travels. Enable Auto-update offline maps to keep these maps up-to-date.

The busyness of an Area

Google Maps has long had the ability to estimate how busy a place is, but now you can also see how packed or otherwise, a particular area is. When you zoom into an area that is currently relatively crowded, you will see a Busy area label on the map. Tapping this label brings up the familiar bar chart showing how busy it is now and how busy it’s likely to get.

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