Five Business Ideas You Can Try in Kenya

With the advent of technology, many things are now possible; Through the power of technology, entrepreneurs can easily reach out to people from all over Kenya through the internet.

Engaging your customers online is a reliable way to build a customer base.  

Here are some business ideas you can try.

Construction e-businessideas 

Construction and real estate is a booming business in Kenya.

These construction companies are into building houses, offices, and apartments; However, these companies have not embraced the digital age- Currently, construction companies use traditional methods in marketing and selling products and services. 

To be successful in this sector, you should embrace the digital age.

The best aspect of this business opportunity is that you don’t need to acquire anything; You need an online store where customers can view and purchase your goods; Each sale made through your website or the app store will earn you a commission.

Street food business

Want to start a business in Kenya?- Well, food is always a good option- There are plenty of people who earn a living from selling street food in this country; If you want to do the same, you should know that setting up such a business requires some basic knowledge and skills.  

The first thing is to get yourself a cooking skill in any street food you find appealing; Youtube has millions of tutorials on street food if you get stuck.

After finding the perfect mouth-watering dish, you need to get yourself into work mode and do your research. Get to know your niche and government regulation. Set up and start earning straight. Here are some common street foods enjoyed on the Kenyan roads.

Mutura, Smokies, (chapati, smokie, egg roll, or Rolex), Porridge, and githeri. You can be more creative depending on your budget and venture into sandwiches and kebabs.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has several advantages.

Technical knowledge is not required, all you have to do now is figure out how to get them to the website where you can register for the program.

This kind of work does not necessitate any formal degree or training. All you need is access to the internet and a few hours per week to work on it.

Furniture from recycled materials

The idea of turning waste materials into furniture is not new. The practice has been around for ages, and people have found ways to make their pieces, but the internet has made it easier to advertise your products and reach a wider audience.

Whether you want to use marble, wood, or even paper as your material of choice, this is one business idea that will help you create jobs while at the same time making money in your spare time. Platforms such as Youtube and Pinterest are good sources for tutorials and free ideas. Try to make these apps your friend in your research.

How do you start? One way is by marketing yourself via social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You can also put up flyers in strategic areas within the town (i.e.: at shopping malls) where people go about their daily activities like going grocery shopping or looking for cheap clothes. Though, make sure that whatever type of furniture you decide on making from recycled materials meets all safety standards set forth by the government so as not to risk losing clients due to any mishaps caused by poor quality workmanship!


In Kenya, barbershops are in high demand. People require their hair to be cut and groomed regularly, and barbershops provide a source of income for many Kenyans. This makes the thought of running your barbershop sound appealing.

Barbershops are frequently busy on weekends, so by opening the shop on Saturday or Sunday, you may expect to make a lot of money.  

If you want to start your own barbershop business and differentiate yourself from others you must offer something unique – whether it’s customer service skills or certain sorts of haircuts given at reasonable pricing.

Home cleaning business

There are several reasons why this is a great business idea. First of all, it is a high-demand business that starts with little investment. Second, it’s easy to maintain and manage. Third, the profit margins are good because you don’t have to own any equipment or inventory—you just collect the money from clients and pay someone else to do the cleaning! Residential cleaning services, commercial facility cleaning services, and even automobile detailing services are all possible as part of this type of company strategy. You should determine what kind of cleaning services you wish to offer. You should also consider how much competition there is in your area for these types of jobs.

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