Facebook to Permit up to Five Profiles Connected to One Account

The firm’s primary social network, Facebook, is proposing ways for users to keep up to five accounts, according to Meta Platforms Inc. This is a significant departure from the “true name” rule the company has upheld throughout its existence.

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According to a statement from Meta, the product update will “enable consumers to customize their experience depending on interests and connections,” such as publishing various sorts of material intended for family vs friends.

Each user must continue to have only one Facebook account, with their main profile continuing to use their actual name, per company policy. After connecting to that account, users may view any other profiles they make.

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In a statement, Meta stated that all profiles will continue to be subject to its policies prohibiting impersonation and other forms of falsely representing one’s identity.

A Meta representative claimed the business was testing the novel strategy in a few nations but would not say where.

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