Elon Musk Requests the Court to Reschedule Hearing. 

Elon Musk requested a judge set a five-day trial on October 17 rather than October 10 as Twitter Inc. had called for in a court filing on Tuesday, in order to settle his attempt to renege on a $44 billion acquisition deal for the social media platform.

Musk, the richest man in the world, is requesting that the judge “break the deadlock to allow things to move ahead swiftly,” according to a letter from Musk’s attorney.

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Twitter opted not to respond.

A trial for October has been set by Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick, the head judge on Delaware’s Court of Chancery. This trial is expected to be one of the largest legal battles involving Wall Street in recent memory. She did, however, leave the specific timetable up to the parties.

Musk, the CEO of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc., had asked for a trial date in February because he said it would give him enough time to thoroughly investigate phony Twitter accounts. He claimed that the business misrepresented the number of users it had, infringing the merger agreement and giving him the right to withdraw.

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The business, which had asked for a September trial, said that the bogus account controversy was a diversion and that Musk must pay up in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

In addition, Twitter was ordered in the Musk letter to provide the court with what it called “essential records” right away, all raw data by August 1st, and documents within 18 days after a request.

Musk said that Twitter was withholding information such as manuals and regulations pertaining to active daily user computations, artificial intelligence, and “all stuff in the data room” and refusing to promptly give them.

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