Customer Satisfaction: Five Ways to use Surveys to Increase Customer Satisfaction

By Macharia

According to a new report, over 83% of profitable businesses routinely monitor customer satisfaction.  The ability to connect with clients and solicit feedback has become considerably simpler, thanks to technology. Today, asking customers to fill out a customer satisfaction survey has become a common practice.

Companies may use customer satisfaction surveys to learn what makes consumers happy and what doesn’t. We give you five recommended ways to get the most out of your online customer satisfaction surveys and truly boost customer happiness.

Define Your Objective

Begin by asking yourself, “What is the goal of sending out this customer satisfaction survey?” What do you want to gain from it? What is the greater Why?

Collecting feedback is crucial, but it won’t go very far if it isn’t related to an objective. Before you begin creating a survey, define your goal. This will result not just in a better survey, but also in more useful insights from respondents.

Keep Your Surveys Short

Today’s survey statistic: Humans currently have attention spans shorter than goldfish, thanks to shot format videos like TikTok videos. The chances of your clients sitting through and properly filling out a lengthy survey are small. This figure has become a statement about today’s world, but here it is again:

There are two ways to make surveys brief while yet making them useful:

  • Ask brief questions. Leave out the technical terms and industrial jargon. Write questions as briefly as you can while still making them clear and intelligible. Avoid creating obstacles for your audience between the time they read the question and the time they respond. Make it simple, quick, and seamless.
  • Use additional data sources to provide answers to as many queries as you can. Do you have information from comparable surveys that could address your questions? Do you have access to big data or social media insights that might aid in providing some answers before creating your customer satisfaction survey? Before you develop your survey questions, consult additional sources.

Ensure that your website loads quickly

Your biggest threat comes from the back button, not a competitor. Your website’s visitors won’t stay if it loads too slowly. It’s important to consider mobile users. Nearly two-thirds of those who own cell phones use them to access the internet. Retailers also have a narrow window of time to draw them in and close the deal.

Additionally, by making your surveys mobile-friendly, you may get information from additional touchpoints. If your clients are using a mobile device to buy your goods or services, it makes sense to get their feedback straight away. You lose insights at that touchpoint and add difficulty to the purchasing process if your survey doesn’t function correctly on that mobile device.

Take it slow!

Before going into more complicated issues or detailed inquiries, get your consumers warmed up. To avoid overloading the respondent right away, ask basic, concise questions initially. Additionally, this will assist to relax them, give them a feeling of progress, and keep them interested in the survey process.

By asking demographic questions and providing more remark space after the survey, you may calm down your responders.

Your customer satisfaction survey’s start and finish are crucially significant. The beginning of the contact sets the tone, and the conclusion gives the consumer a lasting image of your business or brand.

Act on Feedback 

Several businesses spent hundreds of hours creating the ideal customer satisfaction survey. However, because the information they have obtained is too generic, many fail to act on it. Finding valuable diamonds is difficult due to the volume of data. To resolve this, you must establish internal benchmarks, beginning with a basic segmentation of the services and products your customers are most likely to be interested in or to have purchased. You then delve further and develop indexes for days, weeks, months, and years. By adding other demographics like age, gender, region, and so forth, you may polish it even further.

Now that your diamonds have been polished, you may act on precise, pertinent facts to make wiser judgments!

Final Word

Take the time to consider your customer’s experience from beginning to end. Where do people find your company, make purchases, or experience issues? These are the best locations to ask customers for feedback so you can enhance the encounter and raise customer happiness.

The information you gather from online customer satisfaction surveys is invaluable for enhancing the customer experience and boosting brand recognition. You may greatly improve the effectiveness of those surveys by using the five suggestions given below. Don’t stop there, though. Make sure to express gratitude to your responders for their time and close the loop by putting the insight into practice.

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