Controversial: (BCI) Brain Computer Interface First Ever Human Brain Chip Transplant is Successful

A person could soon be able to directly operate a digital gadget with their head for the first time. In the US, a human patient had a brain-computer interface (BCI) implanted for the first time two weeks ago by the endovascular BCI business Synchron. Two weeks ago, the treatment was carried out at the Mount Sinai West hospital in New York.

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This treatment was a part of Synchron’s COMMAND experiment, which the business is carrying out with the help of a first investigational device exemption (IDE) granted by the US FDA. The COMMAND trial is by design made to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the company’s motor BCI technology platform in individuals with severe paralysis. Patients should be allowed to operate digital gadgets hands-free.

“Given its ramifications and enormous potential, this is an exciting milestone for the sector. According to the neuro-interventional surgeon who carried out the treatment, Shahram Majidi, MD, “the implantation process went exceptionally well, and the patient was allowed to go home 48 hours following the surgery.”

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The Synchron Stendrode is an endovascular brain implant that enhances patients’ functional freedom by enabling them to wirelessly control digital gadgets with their thoughts. The gadget is implanted using surgical methods similar to those used to treat strokes through the jugular vein. There is no need for open brain surgery or drilling into the skull for this.

After being implanted, the gadget uses a unique digital language to detect and wirelessly communicate motor intent. This should make it possible for those with severe paralysis to use personal electronics without using their limbs. The COMMAND study will examine how commonplace activities like texting, emailing, internet shopping, and using telehealth services affect people.

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