Clean Up Your Finances. Here are Three Ways to Get it Done.

While you’re cleaning up your house, why not clean up your finances as well? Change a few bad habits and make a few smart decisions regarding your money, and you’ll feel great knowing that your finances are in good shape when warmer days roll around.

 As the rainy days of spring approaches, it’s time to look ahead to the warmer weather with a thorough cleaning of your finances.

Take a clean slate on your taxes

Because the tax deadline is always in June, the cold season also means tax season. Now is the time to decide how you will wrap up your taxes and put them behind you until next year.

Determine how you will cover the cost of your tax areas, file returns and if you are expecting a tax refund, determine how you will spend the money.

Tax refunds can be useful for numerous purposes, including building an emergency fund or paying down debt. If you have not filed your taxes, get to it as the June 30 deadline is quickly approaching.

 The Kenya Revenue Authority has heavy penalties on tax defaulters. Do not let your personal finance plan tumble due to unnecessary charges.

Pay off some of that debt

It is possible to pay off your debts without paying all of them in one lump sum. Start by organizing your debts based on which ones you want to pay off first.

Begin by choosing the debt with the lowest balance, highest interest rate, or one that causes you the most angst. There are no perfect rules; simply begin with the desire to boost your financial confidence.

When you are prioritizing debt, consider the interest rates and penalties associated with your outstanding balances. For example, if you have mobile loan balances and student loans, consider using your extra funds to pay off the student loans.

Groom your budget

Budgeting is like a map. It is the only way to get from here to there.

Make a long-term budget. Your budget is the light through the dark. You will only make it if you have a budget.

Budgeting can seem difficult but if you make a few changes in your thinking and behavior, you will find that budgeting is possible and enjoyable. You can use your monthly spending plan as a blueprint for creating a plan for long-term financial success.


Know that you have the power to create a positive change in your money if you see a problem and have committed to remedying it. Now is the ideal time to get started. So resolve to take steps toward a more prosperous financial future.

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