Binance Official: Hackers are Creating Deep Fakes to Con the Crypto Community.

The chief communications officer of Binance, Patrick Hillmann, has issued a warning regarding the rise of online fraud attempts aimed at the cryptocurrency community. He alleged that con artists were using intricate impersonations of him in Zoom conversations to con crypto CEOs. “Over the past month, I’ve gotten several online messages from people appreciating the time I took to speak with project teams about prospective chances to sell their assets on This was strange because neither I nor any of these folks have any authority over or knowledge of Binance listings, he stated in a blog post.

A deep fake is a video of a person whose face has typically been changed to make them look like someone else. Usually, this is done purposefully or to disseminate incorrect information. Hillmann said that skilled hacking groups had created a “deep fake” of him using old TV appearances and news interviews.

Hackers impersonating executives and workers of Binance have increased recently on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, etc. Only 50 out of 7,000 people who identify as workers of Binance on LinkedIn are authentic, according to recent comments made by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao on Twitter.

The users themselves are always the first line of defense, according to Hillman. To prevent falling for frauds and impersonations, he advised being watchful and taking proactive measures. Additionally, he said that the Binance Verify tool, which determines if an account legitimately represents Binance, is not perfect. For instance, a con artist might use a fake email address as their “from” address or use the genuine name of a Binance employee to blend in. Binance Verify would yield conflicting results in both scenarios.

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