Apple’s New Solution to Targeted Hacks

Apple will soon release a new security solution to shield those individually and personally targeted by potent malware.

The iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers will receive software updates in the fall including a new Lockdown Mode tool that will allow users to severely restrict some functionality to safeguard their device from infection.

The significant security upgrade follows reports about the recent targeting of high-profile individuals worldwide by the Pegasus malware, including politicians, world leaders, and other public figures.

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Pegasus, created by the Israeli company NSO Group, is a potent program that enables its user to hack into a target’s phone and get all of its data, including messages, contacts, and location history.

When an iPhone is locked, any wired connection with a computer or accessory is also blocked. Apple claimed its new Lockdown Mode will combat such attacks by blocking text message attachments and websites using specific complex technologies, as well as blocking incoming invitations, service requests, and FaceTime calls.

The tech juggernaut claimed that these were only the functions that were first offered and that it will work to improve the tool going forward.

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Ivan Krstic, Apple’s head of security engineering and architecture, called Lockdown Mode “a ground-breaking feature that represents our steadfast commitment to safeguarding consumers from even the rarest, most sophisticated assaults.”

Even while the great majority of users will never fall prey to highly targeted cyberattacks, we will do all in our power to defend the tiny percentage of people who do.

That entails continuing to devise defenses tailored for these users and supporting academics and organizations working tirelessly to expose the mercenary firms behind these cyberattacks.

According to Apple, the new feature would provide an extremely high degree of optional protection for the very few customers who could be spyware targets because of who they are or what they do.

Apple announced that as part of this effort, it will double the security rewards it gives to researchers who discover Lockdown Mode bugs, revealing that these rewards may reach US$2 million (RM8.85 million).

The internet giant also said that it will provide a US$10 million (RM 44.27 million) grant to organizations that research, expose, and prevent cyberattacks and more focused spyware assaults.

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The Ford Foundation, a group dedicated to advancing fairness around the world, formed and advises the Dignity and Justice Fund, which will receive donations.

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