Apple to Appeal Ban by Brazil on Phones Without Chargers

In response to criticism that it sells consumers a defective product, Apple Inc. announced on Tuesday that it will challenge a Brazilian court’s decision prohibiting it from selling iPhones without a battery charger.

The Justice Ministry penalized Apple 12.275 million Reais ($2.38 million) and compelled it to stop selling the iPhone 12 and any subsequent versions in addition to all iPhone models that don’t have a charger.

The ministry said in the decision, which was published on Tuesday in the nation’s official gazette, that the iPhone was missing a crucial component in a “deliberate discriminatory behavior against customers.”

According to the authorities, no proof selling the smartphone without a charger improves environmental safeguards, and they dismissed Apple’s claim that the action was taken to reduce carbon emissions.

Apple declared that it will appeal the ruling and that it would keep collaborating with the Senacon consumer protection organization in Brazil to “resolve their issues.”

The company said that its consumers are aware of the numerous alternatives for charging and connecting their gadgets because it has already won multiple court decisions in Brazil on the subject.

The purchase was made the day before Apple is anticipated to reveal its newest iPhone model.

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