A Look into Meta’s Project Cambria

The annual Connect gathering will take place on October 11 according to a statement from Meta. The conference will get a lot of attention because Meta is likely to present its newest AR/VR headgear, Project Cambria, there. The business published a brief video in October of last year that appeared to show it was developing a new virtual reality headgear and announcing plans to release it in 2022. Here is everything we currently know about Project Cambria thanks to Meta.

The forthcoming headset, Project Cambria, is believed to be called Meta Quest Pro, according to a recent Bloomberg article. Last month, on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Mark Zuckerberg stated that the new product, which may be the eagerly awaited “Project Cambria,” will probably be unveiled at Meta’s annual Connect event. Project Cambria appears to be the focal point of the business’s metaverse strategy.

He mentioned that the new virtual reality gear will have “the ability to now have the type of eye contact in virtual reality” not long after the podcast had begun. Additionally, the new headgear will be able to track facial expressions and instantly reflect them in the virtual environment. Additionally, we are aware that the future headgear will include hand tracking capabilities and a high-resolution color display owing to a brief video from May of this year.

Additionally, it might allow augmented reality capabilities like virtual meetings in the office. The soon-to-be-released headset is based on the Presence Platform from Meta, which was introduced in October of last year. According to reports, Meta will feature pancake lenses that are stacked on top of one another to provide a significantly better design than prior Oculus headsets.

Even though the hardware and gadget specifications are unknown, a report from The Verge claims that the footage the headset created resembled a “good quality home video” rather than being photorealistic. Additionally, the new headset might cost more than the Meta Quest 2, which retails for about $628.

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