A-List of the 5 Best Apps to Improve your Time Management

Time management is an excellent talent to have in your ranks, but it must be learned and honed. However, tools may assist, and this is where time management applications come in. From a timer to a suite of applications that can help you improve your time management methods, there is something for everyone.

Time Management

Focus To-Do

Time management is important to stay productive. Using Focus To-Do can help you accomplish more during a short period by dividing tasks into discrete intervals with short breaks between them. Focus To-Do is based on the Pomodoro Technique, which sees a 25-minute timer set for intensive work, followed by a five-minute break interval.

This software also has a chronograph, a ticking clock with a sound that activates during working hours.


To-do lists are great for work and school, but there’s another area of your life where you may strive to improve your time management skills: household management. OurHome is an iOS and Android software that aids you with family system organization. Because delegation isn’t always easy, having an app that lets you divide out domestic responsibilities might help you save time in a significant way.

 The app has a shared family calendar and a “Groceries” tab with a shared shopping list function. It has kid-friendly graphics and a straightforward interface.

Prioritize: Organized To-Do

When it comes to organization and time management, making a to-do list is a cinch. Based on the Due Date and Priority level that you designate for each activity, Organized To-Do automatically organizes all of your assignments. This notion implies that instead of wasting time on less vital work, you might plan your activities around what has to be done first.

You may adjust the priority level of your to-do list to Very High, High, Medium, Low, or Not Important as you construct it. This means that when you look at your to-do list, the most essential job will be at the top, giving you an instant overview to help you stay on track with your time management.

Toggl Track

If you’re looking for a time-management solution because you don’t understand where all your time goes, experimenting with a time tracking app could help you answer that vital question. There are a lot of time tracking apps available, most aimed at business people who want to track their billable time. The app we’re featuring here, TogglTrack, can be used for that, but it’s also great for helping you discover what’s taking up your time generally.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a free iOS and Android app that allows you to capture, edit and share notes. It also sends location-based reminders, so you may get a reminder while you’re near the store or prod yourself to inquire about your child’s schoolwork when you pick up your child from school.

Create a new note, press the bell-shaped alerts symbol at the top right of the screen, and select “Select spot” to create a reminder. Then you may look for a place where you wish your phone to remind you of something. You can also link these reminders to shopping lists established in the Google Keep app, so you can set up a reminder for necessary goods to pick up on your way home from the supermarket.


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