8 Reasons to Visit Kenya – Explore Kenya’s Wildlife and All-Natural Beauty

‍By Macharia

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Kenya is a vast and beautiful country with some of the most beautiful and diverse natural beauty you will find in the world. There are many things to see and do in this small African country, but it comes with a strong warning: Do not visit while it’s summer. The heat will be intense, the air is humid, and everyone will have insects all over their faces. However, even if it’s summer in Kenya, the province you choose to visit won’t be as hot or humid as the one you left behind! You can find all kinds of wildlife here! Read on for 10 reasons why you should visit Kenya’s wilds.

The country’s diverse landscapes make for some of the best walking and bush-sailing in the world.

While there are many great places to visit in Central and Western Kenya, the wilds are among the most inspiring. From the dense forests of Kilimanjaro, through to the savannahs of Mamballa and Nairobi, you will find great places to visit. In fact, the country is so diverse that you will be hard-pressed to keep track of all of its different parts.

The people are one of the best sources of wildlife in the world.

While the wilds of Kenya offer incredible opportunities to observe wildlife, you should also take time to meet the people who live here. You will learn a lot about them, both during your visit and after in their own homes.

There are vast tracts of rainforest here that is home to many species.

The rain forests of western Kenya are some of the most amazing places to visit. From the very beginning, they have been home to the animals that live here today. The Kruger National Park is but one example.

There is an abundance of water everywhere you look.

Another reason why you must visit the wilds is to soak up the wonderful tubular weather that characterizes this part of the world. In the wilds, you will find everything from tropical flooded forests to standing pools of rainwater.

It has beautiful skies, making it a great place to camp out in the evening.

In the pursuit of wildlife and nature, you will find it hard to put down. The blue and green skies of the highlands, combined with the vibrant reds, herbs and other colors of the lowlands, make for one of the most stunning sights in all of nature.

Each tree or bush has its own unique voice!

The sound of nature is an important part of any human experience. You will hear the cicada, the nightingale, the finches, and other insects call to one another during the day. The air here is filled with the sweet sounds of birds and the roar of the Caller’s vehicles.

There are so many different kinds of wildlife here that you won’t be able to keep track of them all.

The wild is only as amazing as the animals that live in it. To experience the best possible place to visit, you need to be flexible. If you want to see elephants and elephants only, or standing water, or nothing at all, then choose your path. You can always return to this place again and again to see different animals and the same or different plants.

Do not visit while it’s summer!

Although the weather in Kenya is always hot, it can get very humid in the summer. The savannahs of East and West Africa are often very humid, and this is no exception. Inhibited by the sunlight and the dense undergrowth, it is very difficult to see everything in the low light. If you are planning to visit during the monsoon, you should be aware that the humid, hot air of the south is going to be very strong. Additionally, the stillness of the night and the perfectly clear skies of the highlands are going to be the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.


The country is filled with a variety of exciting things to experience. From the scenery to the wildlife to the way the people live, you won’t want to miss out on all of it. There are many reasons to visit Kenya and if you are looking for a little wildlife and some peace and quiet, this is a great country to spend your summer in. However, be aware that the wilds are not for the faint of heart and that there are plenty of mosquitoes to be taken care of. So, if you are looking for a change of pace, take a look at some of the world’s most amazing places to visit.

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